BLOM Shabeb Program is a comprehensive platform that helps the Lebanese young generation plan their education and facilitate their career choice to ensure a successful future. BLOM Shabeb was initially originated from BLOM BANK’s strong belief in Corporate Social Responsibility. This program is another step on the continuum heading towards an everlasting Peace of Mind.

Through this website and a diversified set of events, BLOM Shabeb provides indispensable information needed to create a suitable medium for a beneficial discussion between students, professors and parents concerning academic decisions and future careers.

Aptitude Test

This unique program provides you with the opportunity to take an aptitude test to discover your talents & qualities in order to make the best career choice that corresponds to your abilities & strengths. Try it, it’s worth it!

Career Fair

Through the BLOM Shabeb program, BLOM BANK organizes an Annual Career Fair at the beginning of the academic year, targeting students of Grades 11 and 12 of all curricular branches. Students attending this informative forum will have the chance to meet experts from different fields who will share their knowledge & experience with them. It allows participating students to gain insight and a sense of feel about different jobs from which they can choose their future career.


The BLOM Shabeb program puts at your disposal a catalogue of Universities in Lebanon and abroad. The information provided ensures delivering a better understanding of universities, their majors, campus life and much more in the aim of giving students the chance to get acquainted with all academic tracks and institutions before applying. Moreover, the student will have the chance to compare the majors and curricula offered by these institutions.

Job Descriptions

Want to become a doctor, an engineer or a teacher but you are still uncertain and have many concerns?! More than 125 different Job Descriptions are available to answer your questions and help you choose the most appropriate profession.

BLOM Shabeb Team

BLOM Shabeb has dedicated a dynamic team constantly available at BLOM BANK’s head office to reach out and interact with you through:

  • An Orientation Office is present at BLOM premises, dedicated to support students in accomplishing their academic requirements and projects. Our team is there to help you conduct research and surveys through distributing questionnaires and organizing one-on-one meetings with banking professionals.
  • "Project Guru". If you need support with your projects, we have the solution for you! Fill in the project request form and receive an instant response to your needs
  • Ask BLOM Shabeb”, your answer is a “send” button away! BLOM Shabeb team is there to answer any question or concern you have through this feature on the website. Do not hesitate to exploit it!
  • Immediate CV Assessment”, a step closer to CV shortlisting! If you think you’re ready for the coming job fairs, think again and run your CV through our panel of experts for immediate evaluation! Make sure your CV fairly represents you and increase your chances of being interviewed!

As part of its confidence in the vigorous role of university students in the future of our society, BLOM Bank offers “BLOM BANK Scholarships for Business Students”. Four students from the American University of Beirut and the Lebanese American University majoring in Business Administration with good academic records and in need of financial aid are selected annually to receive full scholarships for their undergraduate program.

Honoring Event

Each year, BLOM Shabeb honors the top 100 students in the Lebanese Baccalaureate (Top 25 students of each of the four curricular branches). On the day of this event, the lives of many outstanding achievers will change as they win university scholarships and other valuable prizes.

Job Fairs

BLOM’s HR experts and BLOM Shabeb team will be present in all job fairs organized by universities and specialized institutions throughout Lebanon. Job interviews, one-on-one career orientation meetings and informative presentations will be conducted during our presence in the job fairs.

Contractual Employment / Internships

BLOM Shabeb program created an Internship program and a Contractual employment formula especially designed for students allowing them to work while pursuing their education.

Not sure yet if you want to be an engineer, a surgeon or a graphic designer?