As one of the eldest banks established in Lebanon, BLOM BANK has always been at the center of the country’s banking system. With our universal banking services that revolve around trust and credibility, we have built with our clients long-term personal relationships, integrity and strong financial results that we consistently aim to deliver.

We have been the most profitable among the largest banks in Lebanon and pride ourselves to have become our clients’ preferred banking partner and investment reference, meeting all their financial needs and ensuring their “Peace of Mind”.

On this basis, we have invested in giving back to the community through various programs each of which supports a cause that would benefit the whole Lebanese community.

• In 2010, we launched a first of its kind program: "BLOM Shabeb". A 360 degree youth empowerment program with the objective of guiding Lebanese youth to the best career path they can embark upon to ensure a solid and successful future. This new tool will help them better interact with their families and their school’s administration while deciding their future university specialization.

• Also in 2010, we launched BLOM MasterCard Giving card, which entitles our clients to be part of the fundraising project for the “Lebanese Mine Action Center”. By using BLOM MasterCard Giving card, our cardholders contribute to the demining expenses of the 425.000 mines that were implanted in the Lebanese soil during the war. Consumers in Lebanon will pride themselves in contributing to a noble cause while benefiting from a flexible payment solutions and benefits through its rewards program. Our customers will not only contribute materially to resolving the problem of landmines, but they will also help raise public awareness, and show international donors how a Lebanese private sector can also give back with this innovative CSR effort and serve its community.

• As the "Title of the title" of the BLOM Beirut Marathon for the eighth consecutive year (since 2004), we were able to turn BLOM Beirut Marathon from a sports event to a CSR activity. Always driven by our persistent need to help and give back to the community, in 2011 we decided to support 42 charity causes and encourage people to run for one of them. Under the slogan “Choose from more than 42 causes and run”, we work on spreading awareness by highlighting the several causes adopted by many NGOs and communicating them to our Lebanese community. It’s worth mentioning that at the end of the race, the amount gathered for each cause will be equally divided among the NGOs that registered under this same cause.

• Because we believe that CSR needs public awareness throughout its community, we became a strategic partner of "CSR Lebanon", a CSR consulting firm in both private and public sectors.

Our CSR initiatives have become an integral part of our culture, allowing us to become major players in both the welfare of our community as well as the economical development of our country, thus providing the peace of mind to all our stakeholders.

On a final note, we believe that CSR is not only about charitable donations, the environment or society; it is also about making decisions that maintain the right balance between the environment, society and our business.

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